About Us

Phones4All saves you money on smartphones, tablets, and accessories!  Phones4All was created by Edward Hauck to provide a unique low cost alternative to the typical expensive, confusing, and high pressure sales atmosphere of traditional wireless retail stores. Prior to this Edward owned and operated 23 retail stores for Verizon Wireless as an independent premium retailer. After 20 years he sold those stores and opened Phones4All.  Now, without a major wireless carrier pulling the strings, Edward and his team are able to connect with customers on a deeper more meaningful level by offering low cost products and elite service based on customers' needs, not the carriers!  No longer bound by the pricing constraints and sales quota demands of a major wireless carrier, Edward built a company that can now provide low cost no contract phones, tablets, and accessories to any customer regardless of carrier, credit history, or calling plan. To keep costs low and continue to offer these fabulous savings, Phones4All provides these products and services online. This awesomeness is all done with no hassles, no contracts, and no ridiculous up-sell pressure typical of a cellular phone retail store! Family owned and operated in central Pa, we hold true to the expectations and values cherished by all American consumers.

We are crazy about the quality of our devices! Every phone and tablet is individually inspected by hand and tested with a 30 point diagnostic system. We understand buying a device online can be a bit unnerving, so we present our device descriptions with as much detail as possible, no surprises! To make your decision making process easier, we stock a huge selection of devices that include new, refurbished, gently pre-owned and we have options for every carrier anywhere in the world!

Look, buying a smartphone, tablet, and related accessories online can be nerve wracking! To make this process an amazing experience we guarantee one day or less response to all inquiries. Also, we only sell products currently in stock and therefore ship same or next business day depending on the time you place your order, and tracking info is updated immediately for your peace of mind. We take great care to ensure that your purchase is packed carefully and securely so that it arrives in the same condition as when it was shipped.

Fabulous customer service is a dying art in the modern marketplace. Phones4All doesn’t believe in “good customer” service, we believe in FANATICAL customer service! We will address ALL of your concerns and blow your expectations out of the water. The only downside to buying with us is we will raise the bar so high that your other shopping ventures will never be the same! We want you to be our customer for life, our friend, our RAVING FAN!