What is Phones4All, and Why Does it Matter?

     "Phones4All was created by Edward Hauck to provide a unique low cost alternative to the typical expensive, confusing, and high pressure sales atmosphere of traditional wireless retail stores." But that's just the start.

       How did he get here?

      Ed, (as we passionately refer to him) started this company on the idea that Wireless Carriers (Verizon/AT&T/Sprint/T-Mobile) all charge a RIDICULOUS amount of money  while providing less than sub-par, often times down-right horrible customer service . How does he know that? Well, because he ran their stores. 

      What made him leave retail?

     That's right. Our beloved Ed worked under the thumb of a retail giant that awarded him and his many stores for behaviors he detested. They focused on driving metrics for new products customers rarely had use for 'Would you like a free Hum?", pushed charging service fees for the basic customer service expectations (transferring data), and punished store owners for not selling devices to a certain amount of customers, "conversion". But it wasn't always like this.

     Doing the right thing became nearly impossible.

     There was a time where he loved what he did everyday. He would offer lower prices when he could, fought the service fees, and never punished employees for not selling to a specific percentage of their customer base. He would seek out ways to reward his employees for doing the right thing, because in the end, we would all still make money. Eventually the pressure for those behaviors seemed insurmountable and Ed decided to sell his locations before he was stuck in a machine he couldn't escape.

     Where I came into the picture.

     Then he messaged me on Facebook. Originally having met through his previous stores and management, we worked together for some time before he sold. He kept tabs on my career as I rose through the ranks in Wireless, and after many dinners, texts and rants, he heard my frustrations with the industry as well. Then, he offered me a job.

     Now, I sit before you, keyboard in hand as Master-Jedi of Phones4all (technically my paperwork said "Head-Jedi" but after I threw a fit over the fact that being a member of the council meant I had to be a Master, he conceded). 

     Ok. He didn't concede because the paperwork wasn't redone, but I digress. As Master-Jedi of Phones4all, our mission is to create RAVING FAN service, not just for our customers, but for our employees as well. 

     Our goals for change.

     Our customers deserve loyal attention to detail and assistance when they want it, and where they want it. That's why we aim to use this blog to show the Secrets, Tips & Hacks of the wireless industry, helping you with every step of the way.

     Our employees deserve a comfortable life. More than a "living wage". That is why we will set a minimum threshold of $15/hour for each and every employee at Phones4all. Your happiness is the key to our success. 

     That being said, future generations deserve a comfortable living as well. That is why one of our strongest motivators is our environmental conscience and community relations through charities & donations. Focusing on pre-owned quality products, allows us to reuse devices that would otherwise be thrown out to cause harm to our environment, be it by leading to a larger supply of unused devices, or improper caring procedures for these products. Also, we regularly donate a portion of our inventory to the Salvation Army to feature in their stores across the country.

       Our goal is to help. The environment, our employees, and most of all....You!

     We hope you will join us in this journey as we learn what it is to be Phones4All, and help us learn how we can best serve you. 

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