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     We’re acquainted now, so let’s get to the big problem.

The Problem

The world is changing. Along with it, we have to change too. Big-box retailers and too-big-to-fail businesses aren’t cutting it anymore. The economy of the working-class has made a downward trend for far too long, and people are tired of it. 

We’ve gone to McDonald's and heard the attitude from the employees who don’t want to work there but lack of experience prevents them from having a more sustainable living. The food is ill-prepared and often uncared for, and yet, when crunched on time or money, we still go. Why?

You’ve gathered your coupons and headed out for the grocery store with your perks card that rarely saves you any money, and stand there looking at the snack aisle wondering if you should have something you enjoy or make sure you have the money you need for the week, and then head over to the self-checkout, because that business is saving money, but you aren’t. Why?

What about that Amazon seller who never replied to you about a three-week late package? Maybe you’re thinking about that Internet company that keeps routing you through system after system and never answering the phone to answer why your bill went up again. Perhaps you’re thinking about that most recent experience in a Wireless store, or Car Lot, or anywhere that just tried to sell you a new product as opposed to solving your problem! Pick your construct and you won’t have to look very hard to understand how they have failed you!

The Solution

As I said. The world is changing, and we must change with it. Businesses have taken away the two things that made them successful all those years ago:

  1. People
  2. Compassion

We aim to bring both of these back. How, you ask?


We will be putting out Blogs, or Vlogs (Video Blogs) every week! We aim to shed some light on business practices that should no longer be tolerated and be there to help you through every step of the process! We will be launching chat features as well, and trying to grow our base to support you!


  • Need help understanding those new phones? We got you covered!
  • What phone would be best for our child? No problem. Shoot us an email or reply to one of our listings!
  • Is your carrier too expensive? Let’s talk about solutions!
  • Having some technical issues? No problem! We won’t tell a soul!

Our compassion will stay at the center of everything we do. You, your family, your friends, and everyone else deserve the option to have quality products for a low price. We keep our margins just high enough to keep these lights on. Our hope is that if we provide you with the choices in services and products that you deserve, we will be successful because you, the community, want us to be successful!

We Really Want To Help

We want to offer as much support and education through as much of the process as we can. Now some of you might be wondering, “If you sell phones & accessories, why do all this other stuff that doesn’t make money?”

To put it simply, we aren’t alright with providing the bare minimum. You deserve more, and we are here to help!

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